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North Carolina
Application of Probate of Will of Isaac STROUD: 29 Feb. 1872-
Lenoir Co.,N.C.

Amos STROUD & Owen STROUD: Application for Probate of Will of Isaac STROUD

Enrolled in the Office of the Superior Court Clerk and Probate Judge of
Lenoir County the 29th day of February 1872.
Probate Judge

Lenoir County-In the Probate Court-Application for Probate of Will of Isaac

Amos STROUD & Owen STROUD: To the Court: The application of Amos STROUD and
STROUD shows:

1) That they are the parties and appointed executors of the last will and
testament of Isaac STROUD on said will.

2) That there belongs to their testator's estate about two hundred and
fifty acres of land, worth about two hundred and fifty dollars, and about
six hundred dollars worth of personal estate, consisting of two horses, a
buggy, three carts, farming implements, and other articles.

3) That the following are the names and residences of the parties entitled
their testator's property.

Sarah Ann STROUD, Lenoir Co.,N.C.
Harriet STROUD, col., Lenoir Co.,N.C.
Amos STROUD, Lenoir Co.,N.C.
Curtis STROUD, Lenoir Co.,N.C.
Isaac STROUD, Lenoir Co.,N.C.
Samuel STROUD, Lenoir Co.,N.C.
Elizabeth BROWN, Lenoir Co.,N.C.
Nancy TURNER, Jones Co.,N.C.
Elvy SMITH, Duplin Co.,N.C.
Owen STROUD, Duplin Co.,N.C.
Richard STROUD, Lenoir Co.,N.C.
Lettson? STROUD, Lenoir Co.,N.C.
Jonas A. STROUD, Lenoir Co.,N.C.
Hannah TINDALL, Lenoir Co.,N.C.
Pena MERCER, Lenoir Co.,N.C.
William STROUD, minor whose guardian is A. STROUD, Lenoir Co., N.C.
James TINDAL, John Isaac MERCER, minor without Guardian, Lenoir Co., N.C.
Nancy TINDAL, Georgia; Leih TINDALL, Georgia; the two latter are minors
without Guardian.

Known and subscribed: Nov. 6th, 1871
Signed: R.F. GREEN, P.J.

Lenoir County, Probate Court
A paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Isaac STROUD, deceased, is exhibited before me, the undersigned Judge of Probate for said County, by Amos STROUD and Owen STROUD the Executors therein named and the due execution thereof the said Isaac STROUD by the oath and examination of John MAXWELL, and of Aretus JONES, Sr. the subscribing witnesses thereto, who being duly sworn doth depose and say, and each for
himself deposeth and said that he is a subscribing witness to the paper writing now shown him, purporting to be the last will and Testament of Isaac STROUD. That Isaac STROUD in the presence of this deponent subscribed his name at the end of said paper writing which is now shown as aforesaid, and which bears date on the 27th day of July A.D., 1871. And the deponent
further said that the said Isaac STROUD, the testator aforesaid, did at the time of subscribing his name as aforesaid, declare the said paper writing so subscribed by him, and exhibited to be his last Will & Testament and this deponent did thereupon subscribe his name at the end of said will as an attesting witness thereto, and at the request and in the presence of the said Testator and this deponent further said that at the said time, when the said Testator subscribed his name tot he said last will and testament as aforesaid, and at the time of the deponents subscribing his name as an attesting witness thereto, as aforesaid the said Isaac STROUD was of sound mind and memory of full age to execute a will, and was not under any restraint to the knowledge, information or belief of this deponent, and further these deponents say not. 

Severally, sworn and subscribed this 6th day of November, 1871.
(Signed) R.F. GREEN, P.J.
Aretus JONES, Sr.

Oath:  Lenoir County
We, Amos STROUD and Owen STROUD do solemnly swear that I believe the writing to be and contain the last will and testament of Isaac STROUD, deceased, and that we will execute the same by first paying his debts, and then his legacies as far as the said estate shall extend, or the law will charge me, and that I will well and faithfully execute the office of Executors and agreeably to the trust and confidence reposed in us and according to law so help us God.
Sworn, subscribed Nov. 6, 1871.
Amos  STROUD                                                         (Signed) R.F. GREEN, P.J.

Isaac STROUD, dec'd.; Last Will And Testament:

I, Isaac STROUD of the County of Lenoir and State of North Carolina, being of a sound mind and memory but considering the uncertainty of my earthly existence do Make and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following, that is to say:

First, That my executor shall provide for my body a decent burial, suitable to the wishes of my relatives and friends, and pay all funeral expenses, together with my first debts, out of the moneys that may first come into his hands as a part of my estate.

Item: I give and devise to my beloved wife Sarah Ann all of that portion of my land from the high water mark of the South west prong of Tuckahoe to the burn coat road supposed to contain eighty-five acres more or less for and during her natural life time and at her death to my son Isaac STROUD'S son Isaac to him and his heirs forever.

Item: I give and devise to my beloved wife Sarah Ann one child's part of my personal estate, and one years support for herself.

Item: I give and devise to my two grand-sons John Isaac MERCER (son of Job & Pena MERCER) and James TINDAL (son of Allen and Hannah TINDAL) all that portion of my lands on the north side of Tuckahoe ------ Tuckahoe swamp; said land to be equally divided between them, and be to them and their heirs forever.

Item: I give and devise unto my daughter Pena MERCER one year's support for herself and children provided they remain as a part of my family until my death.

Item: I give and devise unto Harriet, a colored woman, one year's support for herself, provided she shall remain as one of my family until my death.

Item: I devise that all the remainder of my property of every description shall be sold and the proceeds be equally divided among all my children viz: Amos STROUD, Owen STROUD, Curtis STROUD, Richard STROUD, Isaac STROUD, Lutson STROUD, Samuel STROUD, Jane A. STROUD, Job STROUD, Elizabeth BROWN, Hannah TINDAL, Nancy TURNER, Pena MERCER, and Winnifred TINDAL'S children, viz.: Nancy TINDAL and Sarah TINDAL if living at the time of my decease, if not every part to be divided among the rest of my children.

Item: I devise that my wearing apparel be distributed among my sons as they may see proper to divide them.

And lastly. I do constitute and appoint my two sons Amos STROUD and Owen STROUD executors to this my last will and testament according to the true intent and meaning of the same. In Witness whereof I do hereunto set my hand and seal this 27th day of July A.D. 1871.
Witness: John MAXWELL                                    Isaac STROUD
Aretus JONES, Sr.

The above Will of Isaac STROUD, and the proceedings thereon, were found by me among the "unfinished business" of R.F. GREEN, late Probate Judge, on the 24th day of March, 1872.
Wm. W.H. HUNTER Probate Judge

Recorded the 25th day of March, 1872.  Wm. W.H. HUNTER, Probate Judge

Pitt Co., NC Will Abstracts  1760-1858
DIXON, Walter.
Pitt Co., Mar. 7, 1767, no probate date shown. Wife Elizabeth Dixon; heirs of son John Dixon, decąd.; son Walter Dixon; dau. Rachel Tindle; son William Dixon; dau. Sarah Mundine; son Edward Dixon; dau. Prissilla Dixon; dau. Elizabeth Baldwyn; son Rolen Dixon; dau. Susannah Dixon.
Execs.: son Walter Dixon, son-in-law William Baldwyn Junr, friend John Simpson.
Wits.: Thomas Dixson, John Simpson, Henry (mark) Moore, John Bowers. 
Signed Walter Dixon {Seal}. 
True Copy made Mar. 4, 1823 by George Evans, Clk.  -- 
ECU Manu. Coll., Boyd Family Papers, Coll. #253.1

Anson Co., NC Wills:

TINDOL, Nancy 1811 2:161

Pamlico Co., NC Estates
Tindell, H. K. 1890
Tindell, John 1885

Beaufort Co., NC Will Abstracts: 1720-1868
TINDALL, John, 309
TINDEAL, James, 309
John, 309
TINDEL, Elebeth, 309
Elizabeth, 309
John, 309
Piney, 309
Samuel, 309



Calendar of Kent County Delaware Probate Records 1680 - 1800

Farlow, John.Yeoman. Will. Made Feb. 18, 1795. Duck Creek Hd. Heirs: wife Sarah; sons Daniel, Jesse, William, John, George & Elijah Tindall Farlow; daus. Leah & Sarah. Exec'rs, wife Sarah & son Jesse. Wits., James Stevenson, John Cahoon. Prob. April 9, 1795. Arch. vol. A17, pages 7-9. Reg. of Wills, Liber N, folio 120.

Tindall, Elizabeth.Widow of John. Will (nunc.). Made Oct. 16, 1797. Heirs: sons Purnell Tindall & Isaac Purnell; Hannah Tindall. Exec'r, son John. Wits., Hannah Tindall, Jesse Tindall. Prob. Nov. 7, 1797. Arch. vol. A50, page 156. Reg. of Wills, Liber N, folio 184.


Tindall, John.Will. Made Nov. 22, 1798. Heirs: bros. Isaac & Purnel; sister Hannah. Exec'r, bro. Jesse. Wits., Thomas Brown, Richard Jefferson. Prob. Jan. 21, 1798. Arch. vol. A50, pages 161-162. Reg. of Wills, Liber G, appendix 11.

Tindall, Elizabeth.Dover Hd. Admin. of, to Richard Jefferson. Dec. 8, 1798. Arch. vol. A50, pages 157-160. Reg. of Wills, Liber N, folio 220. Note:—Arch. vol. A50, page 157 mentions heirs, John, Jesse, Isaac & Purnel Tindall, Hannah Short & Lovey Johnson.


Bowland, William, planter,Somerset Co.,8th Feb., 1734-5;
7th Apr., 1735.
To eld. son William and hrs., entire real estate, to possess same at age of 21 yrs. and to pay to son James Ł15 when he arrives at age of 21.
To sd. son James and John Wetherly, personalty.
Wife Ellinor to have use of plantation during her widowhood.
Exs.: Wife and Coll. Robert King.
Test: Honour Plunket, Rachel Murray, James Tindell. 21. 384.



Tindall, Thomas,A. A. Co.,—– —– —–;
26th Apr., 1698.
To son Thomas, home plantation and all land.
To eld. dau. Mary, sec. dau. Lettice, young. dau. Ann, personalty.
Child. to be of age at 16 yrs.
Wife Mary, extx. and residuary legatee.
Test: Jno. Thompson, Wm. Smith, Jno. Cross. 6. 76.


Howard, Edmund, gent.,Chas. Co.,3rd Dec., 1709;
5th Jan., 1713.
To eld. son Wm. Stevens (Howard) and hrs., 100 A., ––, where he now lives.
To 2nd son Thomas and hrs., dwelling plantation ––, and addition thereto, tract to contain 150 A.
To 3rd son John and hrs., 100 A. layed out by Joseph Manning, surveyor.
To only dau. Eliza: and hrs., that part of “Saturday Work” belonging to testator, at 16 yrs. or marriage, and negro as per recorded deed of gift in Chas. Co.
To young. son George at 21 yrs. and hrs., residue of lands not already devised and land devised dau. Eliza:, should she die without issue.
To little granddau. Margaret Howard, personalty, including mourning ring in memory of late deceased brother, Geo. Dent, and ring in memory of her grandmother, deceased, marked M. H.
To brother Rich'd Eyton, merchant in London, and only sister, Mrs. Hester Tyndale, wife of Athelstand Tyndale, upholsterer in Bristol, personalty.
To 4 sons and dau. afsd., residue of estate. No lands to pass out of name while there is a male survivor.
Exs.: 2 eld. sons.
Test: Geo. Dentt, Rachell Smoot, Mary Posey, Jane Thompson, Anne Dodd. 13. 632.
By codicil ––, 1712–In event of birth of certain negress, she is devised to Edmund Howard at 21 yrs., son of eld. son Wm. Stevens Howard, and Eliza:, his wife; and provisionally, certain personalty to his sister Margarett afsd., dau. of same.
Test: Jno. Fendall, Jane Coe, Rich'd Coe.

Sussex County, Delaware Probate Records, 1680-1800

Prim Name: Sarah Phillips, Widow
Admin Name:  
Will Made Date: 26 Oct 1798
Will Loc:  
Heirs Name: sons Spencer, Joseph, John, Benjamin and Sheppard Phillips; daus. Ruth Tindell, Sarah Melson, Levina Truitt and Mary Cannon
Exec/Trus Name: son Spencer Phillips
Wit Name: Levin Connaway, John T. Sharp, Philip Hopkins
Will Probate Date: 23 Nov 1798
Will Book: Arch Vol. A93; Reg. of Wills, Liber E, Page: 57; folios 185-187


Prim Name: Stephen Green, Ship Wright
Admin Name:  
Will Made Date: 29 Dec 1763
Will Loc:  
Heirs Name: wife Naomi Green; sons William, Richard, Stephen, John and Ambrose Green; daus. Elinor and Marth[a] Green, Sarah Tindel; granddau. Jean Green ( dau. of William)
Exec/Trus Name: wife Naomi Green, David Hall, Esq.
Wit Name: Cornelius Turner, Joseph Shankland, Jr., John Westly
Will Probate Date: 16 Aug 1774
Will Book: Arch. vol. A73; Reg. of Wills, Liber B, Page: 73-74; folios 525-529


Prim Name: Charles Tindel, Yeoman
Admin Name: Letitia Tindel and Rees Woolf
Will Made Date:  
Will Loc:  
Heirs Name:  
Exec/Trus Name:  
Wit Name:  
Will Probate Date:  
Will Book: Arch. vol. A102 Page: 9
Comment: Admr's bond dated Sept. 27, 1776


Prim Name: Jacob Short
Admin Name:  
Will Made Date: 29 Nov 1790
Will Loc:  
Heirs Name: wife Nicey Short; sons Crawford, Job, Jacob, Elisha, Adam and Noah Short; dau. Lovey Short; Samuel Short; bro. Phillip Short
Exec/Trus Name: sons Crawford and Job Short
Wit Name: Ben[amin] Phillips, Betty Tindel
Will Probate Date: 17 Jan 1791
Will Book: Arch. vol. A98; Reg. of Wills, Liber D, Page: 184-185; folios 278-280


Prim Name: Job Smith, Sr., Yeoman
Admin Name:  
Will Made Date: 07 Feb 1795
Will Loc:  
Heirs Name: sons David and Job Smith; daus. Sally Smith, Ann Young (wife of John), Mary Marvel (wife of Robert), Marg[ar]et Mills (wife of Richard), Jane Jones (wife of William), and Elizabeth Tindel (wife of Purnel); grandsons Jonathan Millman and Job Smith
Exec/Trus Name: son Job Smith
Wit Name: James Hall, William Robbins, Elizabeth Messick
Will Probate Date: 09 May 1798
Will Book: Arch. vol. A99; Reg. of Wills, Liber E, Page: 159; folios 174-176
Comment: [Note:-- Arch vol A99, page 159 shows the estate was settled by David Smith, exec'r of Job Smith, dec'd].


Prim Name: Elizabeth Short
Admin Name:  
Will Made Date: 15 May 1786
Will Loc:  
Heirs Name: sons Jacob, Shadrach, Phillip, Isaac and Edward Short; daus. Betty Tindal, Nancy Melson, Rachel Stockley, Comfort Benston and Patience Ellingsworth
Exec/Trus Name: son Phillip Short
Wit Name: Joseph Piper, Robert Hopkins
Will Probate Date: 25 May 1786
Will Book: Arch. vol. A98; Reg. of Wills, Liber D, Page: 171; folios 111-112
Comment: [Note:-- Arch vol.  A98, page 171 shows the estate was settled March 5, 1788; also mentions Spencer Benston in right of his wife, and Richard Ellingsworth in right of his wife].


Prim Name: John Tindall
Admin Name:  
Will Made Date: 04 Apr 1786
Will Loc:  
Heirs Name: wife Betty Tindall; sons Samuel, John, Jesse, Isaac and Purnal Tindall; daus. Nancy, Lovey, Hannah Tindall and Sarah Jones
Exec/Trus Name: wife Betty Tindall and son Samuel Tindall
Wit Name: John Thoroughgood, Phillip Short
Will Probate Date: 09 May 1786
Will Book: Arch. vol. A102; Reg. of Wills, Liber D, Page: 12; folio 111


Prim Name: John Phillips, Sr., Planter
Admin Name:  
Will Made Date: 29 Aug 1795
Will Loc: Dagsboro
Heirs Name: wife Sarah Phillips; sons Benjamin, Joseph, Shepperd, Spencer and John Phillips; daus. Mary [Polly] Phillips, Ruth Tindall (wife of Charles), Sarah Melson (wife of John) and Lavinia Truitt (wife of Josiah); mother-in-law Elinor Brothers
Exec/Trus Name: wife Sarah Phillips, sons John and Spencer Phillips
Wit Name: S. Kollock, Robert Hopkins, George Hopkins
Will Probate Date: 07 Sep 1795
Will Book: Arch. vol. A93; Reg. of Wills, Liber E, Page: 39-40; folios 45-48


Columbia Co., GA Will Book H
LEWIS HOBS 8/1/1814:11/7/1814
Parents: John and Sarah Hobbs. Sis: Polly Tindell. Bro: William. Nephews: Lewis Hobbs,
William Tindell, Thomas Lewis Tindell. Exrs: Pleasant Tindell, William Hobbs. Wits:
Adba Christian, Patrick Gordon, William Tindell.

ALBERT WRIGHT 1/7/1794:3/24/1798
Bros: Shadrack, Meshach, Abednego, Habbakkuk, Isaiah. Sisters: Charity Schultz, Peace
Brown, Naomi Mims, Concord Hamilton, Elizabeth Tindall. Exr: Bro., Abednego. Wits:
John Ebenezer, Rebekah Smith.

GEORGE COLUMBUS DENT 5/6/1814:5/3/1815
Bro: James. Sister: Sarah M. Tindell and her ch. To: Daphne Hornsby and her heirs. Exrs:
Bros., James Dent and cousin, John Dent. Wits: Samuel Wilson, William Glascock, Isaac

JONATHAN TINDALL 6/11/1818:1/19/1820
Wife: Betsy. Daus: Sally C., Anne T., Nancy M. Burdick. Son: Robert H. Exr: Franklin
Barnett. Wits: P. Tindall, Hillary Simmons, John Tindall.

ROBERT ALLEN 8/9/1830:11/1/1830
Wife: Sarah. Four ch now married. All minor ch. Exrs: William Rhodes, John Tindall.
Wits: Mary Ann Stanford, Sarah Green, David Stanford.

PLEASANT TINDALL 6/11/1824:8/7/1824
Heirs of wife (Polly Hobbs). Wife: Elithea. Son: John. Others not named. Friend: William
Bealle. Exrs: Son, John and William Bealle. Wits: John Bostick, Allen Green, Alfred

JAMES TINSLEY, pvd 2/7/1814
Wife: Lucy, sis. of Hon. William Harris Crawford. Daus: Nancy, Betsy, Anne, Sally. Sons:
Philip, William, John, Abram and child yet to be born. Sister: Sarah Wofford. Exrs: David
and Augustus Crawford. Wits: Pleasant, Jonathan and William Tindall, Thomas Wilkins.

BIRD BOOKER TINDALL 4/6/1824:10/20/1826
Wife: Nancy. Daus: Betsy Ann Bealle, Caroline Zachary, Nancy Griffin, Polly Bird
Tindall. Son: William Booker Tindall. Exrs: Wife and William Bealle. Wits: John Bostick,
George Tindall, A. L. Zachry.

NANCY TINDALL, widow of Bird Booker Tindall, 6/14/1832:11/6/1832
Son: William B. Daus: Caroline Zachry, Nancy Zachry. Grdau: Augustus Ann Gotchens.
Youngest ch of Betsy Bealle, decd. Grson: Virginius Burton. Exrs: William Tindall,
William Zachry, Thomas Burton. Wits: David Stanford, George McGruder, John Tindall.

CHARLES BEALE 10/3/1842:3/18/1843
Wife: Catherine. Dau: Savannah. Friend: William Tindall and his heirs. Dau: Augusta
Gortchins, wife of R. V. Exrs: William Tindall, John Cliatt, Isaac Bryant. Wits: W. D.
Berry, George T. Bugg, I. R. Rhodes.

JUDITH O'NEAL 2/17/1843:1/10/1846
Daus: Malinda and Faithy Lantern. Sons: David Mimms O'Neal, George W. O'Neal. Exr:
William Zachry. Wits: William Tindall, James Zachry.

Bibb Co., GA Will Book A
REDDICK RUTLAND, 4/1/1840 Burke Co., Ga.: 7/6/1840 Bibb Co., Ga., p. 83, LWT
contested by dau., Mrs. James Tindall on grounds that her father was not of sound mind
and because she had married the man she loved instead of a man of her father's choice.
Nep: Berry Rogers of Macon, Ga. To: Mrs. Parthenia Cawthron, wife of John Cawthron
of Tenn., who nursed me during my illness. "I have half bros. and sisters and a full bro. I
know not whether he be dead or alive, as there is in Tenn.a woman who has been entitled
to the appelation of wife by me who has a child married to James Tindal I declare they
are not forgotten bit designedly omitted as legatees." Exr: nephew, Berry Rogers. Wits: T.
H. Blount, Edward Gaileck, Thomas Moore Berien.

Bibb Co., GA Will Book B
ELIZABETH HUNT, 1/9/1851 Monroe Co., Ga.: 5/5/1851 Bibb Co.., Ga. , p. 184
Grch: Edward L., James H., William F. and George A. Connally, ch. of James and Sarah
C. Connally. Dau: Ann F. Keene. At her death to John V. Walker, Ann W. Redding, wife
of V. D. Redding and heirs of son, Henry W. Tindall. Green: Henry G. Brown, son of my
decd dau., Nancy M. Brown. Exr: Friend, William D. Redding. Wits: William F. Carroll,
Thomas M. Tyler, William C. Redding. [Note: Mrs. Elizabeth TENDALL m. Turner HUNT 1/20/1828 Henry Co., GA]

Clarke Co., GA
WILLIAM TINDALL 11/14/1834:4/14/1836, p. 157
Wife: Elizabeth J. Ch. Exrs: Wife and Friends, William Jones, John H. Lowe. Wits:
Edward E. Courtney and George D. Paine.


Choctaw Co., AL Wills:
A.B. Tindle page 240-241 Will Book A

Limestone Co., AL Wills 6 1841-1847:
Asa TINDALL  at  pg 165


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