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Descendants of
William Thomas DANIEL, Sr.

William Thomas DANIEL, Sr. was born abt 1780 in NC. William DANIEL is probably a son of Asa DANIEL of VA or Barton DANIEL of Montgomery Co., NC.  I believe that there has been uncovered enough documentation to rule Josiah DANIEL out as his father.  William is supposedly related to Francis DANIEL who died abt 1820 in Jefferson Co., AL.  I don't have any information on Francis DANIEL at this time.  Although we may find one or two entries for this family using the name DANIELS, those are considered in error.  There were DANIELS and McDANIEL families nearby but our research shows there is no apparent relationship between them and our William DANIEL family.

In 1790 Montgomery Co., NC are the same clan of SELFs [Isaac, Presley & Spencer] are found in 1800 in Pendleton Dist., SC with William DANIEL [Isaac, Spencer, John & Francis SELF].   Our William DANIEL meets up again with the Presley SELF clan in AL by 1821.  The Ezekiel AKINS & Sarah McCRAVEY family is also in Pendleton Dist. as this same time.

1800 Census, Pendleton Dist., SC
William is 1 male 16-25, 1 female 16-25 and 1 female under 10

William  1774-1784  b. 1780
Wife  1774-1784
dtr 1790-1800  - Elizabeth b. 1801 - so who is this dtr? If isn't not Elizabeth, that dtr died bef 1810.

By 1810 several branches of the DANIEL [Hiram & Robert] , AKINS [Ezekiel & his son, John Sr.] and SELF [Francis] families have moved to Old Buncombe Co., NC in the section along Flat Creek [also land in Rutherford Co].  Presley SELF and some of his grown sons went to Bledsoe Co., TN before winding up in Jefferson/Blount Co., AL.

1810 Buncombe Co., NC Census@ Pg 82:
William DANIEL
2 males under 10, 1 male 26-45
2 females under 10, 1 female 26-45

William  1765-1784  - b. 1780
wife  1765-1784  b. abt 1780
dtr 1800-1810  - Elizabeth b. 1801
son 1800-1810 - Asa b. 1802
dtr 1800-1810 -  Celia b. 1809
son 1800-1810 - Josiah b. 1808
[next child, Job, wasn't born until Nov 1810 - aft 1810 census]

By 1820 some of these DANIELs [Hiram, Bazil] & SELFS [went to White Co., IL, while other SELFS went to Jefferson/Blount Co, AL to join Presley SELF who had moved by then to AL from Bledsoe Co., TN.  Our William DANIEL is still in Buncombe Co., NC in 1820:

1820 Buncombe Co NC census 
pg 110 William Daniel
2 males under 10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male 16-18,1 male 16-26, 1 male 26-45, 1
male 45 and over
1 female under 10, 1 female 10-16, 1 female 16-26, 1 female 26-45, 1 female 45
and over

Wm b bef 1775  b. 1780
wife b. bef 1775 b. 1780 [Elizabeth LOWE or Elizabeth TRUITT ??]

female 1775-1794 [sister or sister-in-law]
male  1775-1794 [brother or brother-in-law]

dtr 1794-1804  - Elizabeth 1801
son 1794-1804 - Asa 1802  m. 1823
son 1802-1804  - son-in-law:  Benjamin CAIN, h/o Elizabeth m. 1817
dtr 1804-1810 Celia m. 1839
son 1804-1816 Josiah  m. 1825
son 1810-1820 Job 
son 1810-1820 Wm. Thomas, Jr.
dtr 1810-1820  Ruth

In November, 1821, William DANIEL is also found in Jefferson Co., AL in military records.   His oldest son, Asa, married there in 1823 and his daughter, Mary, was born there also in 1823-1824.

By the summer of 1825 William DANIEL and several SELFs [Jesse, John N, Francis, Job] families were in Habersham Co., GA when his son, Josiah Lafayette DANIEL, married Dicey WOOD.

1830 Habersham Co., GA pg 28
Wm. DANIEL  1 Mal 5-10;  2 males 15-20; 1 male 40-50; 1 female 5-10; 1 female 10-15, 1 female 40-50

Wm.  1780-1790  b. 1780
Wife  1780-1790  Sarah b. 1780
Son 1810-1815  Job m. 1832
Son 1810-1815  William Thomas, Jr.  m. 1832
dtr  1815-1820  Ruth m. 1831
Son 1820-1825  Francis  m. 1839
dtr 1820-1825  Mary m. 1839

By 1834 Habersham Co., GA county lines were changed as a result of the 1832 Cherokee Land Lottery.  Some of the SELF [Job, Francis] clan are found in Union Co., GA, while William DANIEL [4 in his HH] & his son, Josiah [6 in his HH], are found in Lumpkin Co., GA in that area that was later considered Union Co. by the 1840 census.

1834 Lumpkin Co., GA:
Wm. Daniel - 4 in household:  Wm., Sarah, Mary, Francis

By 1840 William's 2 sons, Josiah & Wm. Thomas DANIEL, joined the SELFs and the AKINS [John Sr. & Stephen] descendants from the Pendleton Dist., SC & Macon Co., NC families in Union Co., GA.  I do not think that the Wm. McDANIEL on the 1840 census is our William DANIEL. Here's why:

1840 Union Co., GA Census:
HH#253. William McDaniel   020001-3 b. 1800-1810...our Wm. was b. 1780-1782, all of the children were married by 1840. There were no children b. after Mary as evidenced by previous census data and no young children are with Sarah DANIEL in 1850 household of her dtr, Mary REECE. Obviously, this family is not our William DANIEL.
HH#390 - Josiah DANIEL - his son
HH#438 - Wm. Thomas DANIEL, Jr. - his son

William DANIEL dies bef 1842 evidenced by the transfer of his land lottery lot back in Habersham Co., GA citing "by the orphans of William DANIEL".  This Land Lot 104 was issued to John T. CARTER in Putnam Co., GA in 1842.  William had received it in 1820.

1822-1834 Habersham Co., GA

William Daniel entered the Georgia land lottery in the Tenth District Land Lottery, 1820 and drew lot 104.  By the time the lot was granted in 1842, it was granted to "William Daniel's Orphs granted to John T. Carter" in Putnam Co. (Source: "Early Genealogical and Historical Records: Habersham County, Georgia", compiled by Herbert B. Kimzey.  Family History Library Film # 6125905.)

Since Sarah SELF-DANIEL did not die until after this deed was recorded, it suggests that Sarah was not his first wife. Unfortunately, no Wills survived from this time in Union Co., GA that could support this assumption.  However, Georgia real estate law of that time implies that the this lottery lot was willed to his sons in order for the deed to be titled the way that it was.

As more and more research is done on the William DANIEL family, more evidence is popping up that supports the theory that Sarah SELF was William's SECOND wife...and thus not the mother of all these children.  Elizabeth DANIEL-CAIN  b. 1801 gave an interview, at age 100, in Lumpkin Co., GA that refers to Sarah as "Miss Self"...a common 'Southern way' of referring to step-mothers.  Elizabeth cited, with accuracy, other dates and information in this interview, so it seems unlikely that she would leave out her mother's given name.  Sarah is living with Mary Daniel-REESE in 1850 Union Co., GA...without any other children.  I have no doubt that Mary was Sarah's dtr.  It is Mary's older siblings that probably had a different mother.

It is my HPO that Sarah SELF married William abt 1822 in AL or possibly Bledsoe Co., TN.  William left Buncombe Co., NC shortly after the 1820 census.  There had been no children born between 1817 NC and 1823 when Mary was born in AL.  Buncome Co., NC deeds show William M. DANIEL selling land to Jeremiah TRUIT 8/13/1829, 200 acres on Flat Creek.  Some folks believe that William's first wife was thus, Elizabeth TRUITT....still others think she may have been Elizabeth LOWE.   It's just possible that William was married first to an older sister of Sarah SELF.

Although the given name "Celia" is a very common name in the SELF's not exclusively a SELF name.  I also have that name in my BERRY lines where there is no SELF connection at all.  It is very possible that Sarah SELF wasn't a SELF and merely a widow of a SELF since she was b. 1780 and probably didn't marry Wm. DANIEL until abt 1821.

In 1823 Habersham Co., GA, a Sara SELF receives Lot #93 and was issued to Elizabeth SELF, widow, Twiggs Co., GA.

There is much more work to be done on this until we find further documentation, I assume that DANIEL family researchers will go back and forth on their opinions as to whether Sarah SELF was William's 1st and only wife...or his 2nd wife.

Some folks are showing Harrison DANIEL b. after Mary DANIEL as a son of our William DANIEL.  This Harrison DANIEL m. Nicey ??, is on the 1860 Rabun Co., GA census as being born 1815 NC.  As you can see from our Wm. DANIEL census data's not showing any more sons for Harrison to fit.  This is the case consistently shown 1800-1820.  I would suspect that Harrison is a nephew, though.

1860 Rabun County; Georgia Head Teunfee Valley District July 3, 1860 PN 236
Harrison Daniel 45 Male Farmer Owns $1275.00 Of Real Estate And $793.00 Of PN Born In North C.
Nicy 39 Female Born In South Carolina
Virgil 18 Male " " Georgia
Arvilla N. 16 Female " " "
France 13 " " " "
Albert A. 11 Male " "
Sallie 9 Female Born In Georgia
Juanita 2 " " " ".

Neighbors To The Daniel Family Are:   1. Gilbert Malton   2. A.B. Ledford

Some folks are also showing another child, Elizabeth born after Mary.  That would mean 2 Elizabeths.  As the same with Harrison, there's no mention of either of these 2 'extra' children on any census....

My direct line is by his son, Josiah Lafayette DANIEL, Sr. who married Dicey WOOD, dtr of John Storey WOOD, Sr. of Spartanburg Co., SC and Hall Co., GA.

I want to thank Chad Williams for sharing his info on our DANIEL family.  His collection of census data was most helpful!!!  Chad descends from Benjamin CAIN & Elizabeth DANIEL.......Thanks, Chad!!!

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